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July 23, 2006
Tour of the "Engine Room"
at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pratt Institute operates one of the most historic and unique power plants in the metropolitan area. It has been designated a National Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The plant has two claims to historic fame. First, the three steam driven generators are the oldest such machines known to be operating in the Northeast area of the United States. They were installed in May of 1900 and still run during the winter when exhaust steam is sent into the main heating system. Second, the present equipment replaced that installed in 1887 when Pratt Institute was founded and so the Institute has been generating electric power in the same location longer than any other known firm.

Or gracious and enthusiastic host was Chief Operating Engineer Conrad Milster. Mr. Milster has been running this facility since 1958 and is a national treasure in his own right.

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